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  • Izlases veidošanas principi 2018. gadā


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    All runners can qualify as National Team representatives to the following Events: World Orienteering Championships (WOC), European Orienteering Championships, World Cup (WC), and Baltic Championships (BC)


    Team selection to all Events will be based on

    • Previous international championship race results (WOC, EOC, WC) from 2015-2017
    • Results in test races according to the plan below
    • Official WRE ranking at the selection date (Sprint and Forest WRE races are considered separately)
    • Future potential as judged by the Team Management
    • Optimal team composition for the specific championship, including but not restricted to following aspects: Championship schedule, runner profiles (sprint, forest, relay), training status, terrain type.


    All criteria will be taken in consideration, but no single criteria are obligatory for selection.


    Specific for EOC 2018 and WOC 2018:

    • The key priority for EOC 2018 selection is to give potential WOC2018 candidates an opportunity to prepare optimally for WOC 2018.
    • The key priority to WOC 2018 selections is to maximize success in these championships.


    Test races for 2018 championship selections

    1. Lieldienu Balva, April 2. – test race for EOC Sprint distances
    2. Kurzeme pavasaris, April 7-8 – test races for EOC Middle and Long, and BOC
    3. WOC test races, July 6-8 – test races for WOC Sprint distances, Middle and Long
    4. Baltic Championship, May 27 – test race for WOC Relay


    Dates for team selection

    1. EOC by April 10.
    2. BOC by May 18.
    3. WOC by July 10.


    Decisions on team composition

    The team selection will be conducted by LOF Elite Team Management consisting of Jari Ikäheimonen, Jurgis Krastins and Agris Peipins. Runners and coaches will be informed.


    LOF Team Management is responsible for decisions taken. Runners involved or their coaches have right to get explanation of the decisions; However Team Management is not obliged to give public explanation for the decisions.


    Selection to international races without Team Management representation (e.g. World Cup Final)

    Runners to these events are approved by LOF Elite Team Management.


    In case there are more applicants than places the selection will be done based on

    • Previous international championship results (WOC, EOC, WC) from 2015-2017
    • Official WRE ranking at the date of selection
    • Future potential as judged by the LOF Team Management


    The selection dates are one day prior to the official entry date to the event in question.



    Events with full support: World Championships

    Runners to this event will be selected.

    Events with full or partial support: European Championships, Baltic championships

    Runners to these events will be selected.

    Events with partial or no support: World Cup events

    Runners are primarily responsible for costs. Support by LOF is possible upon request.


    Communication and information

    Team selection to Event will be communicated through www.lof.lv, Invitations and detailed information will be shared by email, and through the National Team Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

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